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Ottawa HIDs website is a branch of HID (xenon) store "Derand". At Derand, we provide quality HID kits and bulbs at a very low cost. HID conversion kits start at only $79.95 + installation (when installed by Derand)

For more information, please visit our parent site or call us at 613-563-0029. We are located at 1231 Newmarket Street, at the corner of Bantree and Innes.

HID lights, also known as xenon lights because they contain xenon gas, have several advantages over halogen lights; they produce more light for a given level of power consumption, thus making them much brighter. That increases safety and longetivity, more than three times the life expectancy of a halogen light.

They are also known for their distinct bluish tint, seen on most BMWs. You can choose the shade as well, from bright extreme white to a soft powerful blue (5000K to 12000K) or anything in between.

Because automotive HID headlamps don't run on regular low-voltage DC current of regular halogen systems, you will need a separate ballast to run HIDs. Our conversion kits include the ballast, HID bulbs and all necessary hardware to convert your existing system to HID. We install all our HID conversion kits, with a one-year warranty on parts and labour. Warranty does not cover regular wear and tear of parts, including the HID bulbs.

To read more on the quality HID parts we carry, please visit Intelliscent (Litech) and Lumens.

We now carry LED lights and LED conversion kits. To verify if LED bulbs fit your vehicle, please visit or call us and it will be a pleasure to help you.

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